Upcoming Update

Upcoming Update Details

Current app version: 1.01
Upcoming version: 1.1
Target Submission Date: March 23


  • A tool listing counter words (個, 枚, 本, etc.) and how to read them alongside various numbers. (いっぽん, にほん, さんぼん and so on)
  • A tool displaying various Japanese colors and their appropriate term.

Bug fixes/Interface Improvements

  • The order of groups on the Study Desk will no longer reset every time the app is opened.
  • It will be easier to reorder groups on the Study Desk without accidentally triggering the group to collapse/expand.
  • Items already imported via the Discover Tab will have their action text changed from “Download” to “Re-download”, so that it will be easier to identify what the user has and has not already grabbed.
  • Answer text on flash cards will be given an appropriate maximum size, so that short answers will no longer appear unusually large.